Blend: Columbia Passion Fruit
Guatemala Oriente

Taste: a dense and balanced body, the taste of guava, peach, liqueur

True Brew Bag – coffee in bags. Yes, it's like tea bags. Or rather, in nylon pyramids. Why did we create it, if the bags have a stupid reputation? First of all, it is super convenient. Now you can really brew coffee anywhere: in the mountains, on the beach, in a trembling train car, and 10,000 meters above sea level in an airplane seat. But even at home, when you have a coffee grinder, an air press or a funnel, and scales at hand. Even at home, you can brew a True Brew Bag when you want a quick coffee; when you want it to be easy and simple.

In order to brew our coffee pyramid, you only need hot water and a brewing container. And that's all. No scales, no timer, not even a kettle. If you have boiling water in a thermos - just dip the True Brew Bag in it, wait five minutes and enjoy, or recharge, or just drink coffee.

And as for the bad fame of the bag, it is because tea bags used to be filled with a low-quality product. In our case, we take the coffee that is in our packs, grind it properly, pack it in nylon pyramids, and then in individual packaging with nitrogen, which allows the ground coffee to be stored longer.

We created the True Brew Bag to make coffee easier and more accessible in any situation. We're not saying, "forget coffee beans"; we say: "keep the True Brew Bag, it will save you when there is no way to follow the whole ritual of making coffee". And remember - the content is more important than the form. We always adhere to this principle.

There are 10 pyramids in the box, each pyramid contains 11 grams of coffee.

BREW BAG Nueva Oriente / Passion Fruit

BREW BAG Nueva Oriente / Passion Fruit

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