About us

12 years waves

We have been roasting coffee since 2011.
From the first day of work, which, by the way, was a lump, like a pancake, we decided to embark on the path of quality coffee. On the path of development, both of yourself, and of culture and the coffee industry.

These could be useless words, but now you can see the result of our work and its quality.

From day one, we decided to dive into coffee like Scrooge McDuck dived into his coins. But coffee is not a coin and it is better not to dive into it. Therefore, we dived into development and training. Step by step, we passed the stages from barista to farmer.

In 2012, our Katya, being the main coffee roaster, performed at the barista championship, and before that, of course, she worked as a barista herself. Then there were roasting championships and captesting. The more time we devoted to the championships, the more we developed, learning something new, and the more we moved away from coffee, which people needed only for energy or just for a cigarette.

When you discover the world of the taste of coffee, it is simply impossible to maintain the same attitude towards it that you used to have before. Like really dark roasting, flavoring, or long storage of coffee for a year, like it used to be.

In 2013, a new brand appeared - True Brew Bro. We created them purely for coffee geeks. And a little for myself. It was specialty coffee, which we bought in batches of 10 kg from America. But, in the first year, we sold no more than a hundred kilograms. However, since that time, we still managed to develop an interesting product and create a separate large trade mark from it. By the way, now we roast only specialty coffee.

In 2014, we opened our first coffee shop, and thereby got the opportunity to show people exactly how we envisioned our coffee. What it should be. And also, we are finally gaining our own experience of working with the end consumer of coffee.
Currently, in 23 years, we have 9 coffee shops. 8 in Dnipro and one in Kyiv.

In 2016, for the first time, we fly to Central America, to coffee producers, and start picking coffee beans directly, right in the country of origin. We have now been going to the farmers for five years in a row, maintaining strong and long-term relationships with them, and picking coffee from their plantations. Previously, in 2011-15, one could hardly buy coffee from the same farmer twice in a row. It was really difficult and only a few did it. Or they didn't do it at all, we're not sure. But it was difficult. Already now it is a common thing.

In 2019, we started working on our own coffee fermentations. Our Vlad flies to El Salvador and Honduras and together with farmers processes coffee according to our recipes.

Now there are 4 countries from which we buy coffee all the time: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

But this, of course, is not the entire assortment. We also have coffee from Africa from cool European suppliers 'Sucafina'. We select this grain from samples that they constantly send us. Here in Dnipro, we roast this coffee on a small sample roaster and select the tastiest lots.

By the way, regarding captesting, when we started working, we organized captesting every week. Everyone did that. Now, we capper daily and capper every batch we roast. It's hard to imagine, but it's true. No, we are still alive and well. At least we think so.

To be honest, we have never claimed that our coffee is the best. We understand that taste is a very subjective matter. However, we still put in a lot of effort so that people can't help but say that our coffee is the best.

For 12 years, we have clearly formed the mission of the company "To make the lives of people around better" and the principles of the company "Content is more important than form." And this realization allowed us to go beyond coffee and beyond stereotypes.

An example of going beyond coffee was the appearance of "Black Fox" carbonated drinks, which became a separate line of our business, as well as the release of the music guide for brewing coffee "The Brew Guide", for which we later made music videos and released an album.

An example of going beyond stereotypes was the release of coffee in pyramids, which is ground and packaged in portions.

A very convenient way to get high-quality coffee in conditions of limited possibilities for brewing coffee.
But we consider the release of instant coffee "PUSK" to be the top of the pyramid. Well, what ardent supporter of specialty coffee would go for it?! It's soluble!!! coffee. And no, we overcame these obstacles in ourselves, then we make delicious instant coffee.
During the war, we make constant collaborations with other coffee companies, and we make a free starter for the Armed Forces.

Perhaps this is all about us. Now it's time to dive into the coffee. Enjoy yourself.

Because coffee is love.

Our coffee shops in Dnipro

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WHITE Coffeebar

St. Sichovy Streltsiv, 1a

shop image

St. Shevchenko, 25

shop image

St. Marie Curie 5,
NeoPlaza Mall

shop image

St. Sicheslavska
Naberezhna, 37

shop image
White Arrow Bakery

Slavy Blvd., 2d

shop image
White Arrow To Go

St. Gogol, 2

shop image
White Arrow To Go

St. Magdeburg law, 2

shop image
White Arrow To Go

Shevchenko Lane, 9

Our coffee shops in Kyiv

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Astra Coffeebar

St. Berezneva, 12 (Comfort Town)