Most frequent questions


Are there any discounts?

Yes, add 5 promotional products (marked "%") to the cart and get a 5% discount. Or add 10 such products and get a 15% discount.


How to get free delivery in Ukraine?

Add a pack of Funt Coffee or TBB to your order.


How to choose a kind of roasting?

We do not have such varieties of roasting as "light", "medium" and "dark". We use only "filter" and "espresso" roasting. Therefore, if you brew coffee in an espresso machine, choose roasting under "espresso", and in other cases for roasting under "filter". If you brew coffee in a Turk, you can try both types of roasting.


Why is it better to choose
grain coffee?

During grinding, coffee loses a huge amount of volatile aromatic substances, which create the unique taste and aroma of each individual variety. The more time passes after coffee is ground, the more flavor and aromatic substances it loses, and you get less pleasure from the cup you drank. Therefore, it is advisable to grind the coffee immediately before preparation, if you do not have a coffee grinder, write in the order notes the method you use to prepare the coffee and we will grind it before shipping. By default, we ship coffee beans.


What is robusta?

Robusta is one of two varieties of the coffee tree that is grown for consumption in the form that is familiar to us. The second variety is Arabica. The International Coffee Organization estimates global production of Robusta at 40% and Arabica at 60%.

The Pound Coffee and True Brew Bro range does not have robusta or robusta blends; we don't use it. We don't do this because we don't like it because of the negative taste characteristics that can be felt in the finished drink: woody and earthy aromas, the aroma of old musty things and the entire palette of negative aromas. The taste is dominated by bitterness - there is no sweetness, no harmony, no balance.


Are you all working there, or
is there anyone still alive on the line?

We are living people who make a product, imbue it with meaning, and strive to make sure you like what we do. We just want to say, if you have a question or a problem, you can reach out to us and we'll hear you out and try to help - that's part of our job. And yes, your opinion is really important to us


In what case can I return the coffee?

We roast coffee to order and do not stock ready-made products. This allows us to send coffee that is always as fresh as possible. The second point we follow on the way to coffee quality control is daily cupping. In other words, we taste all the coffee we roast every day. Yes, it is difficult, but it is possible, because we have not one person, but four. And we are really sure about the freshness and correct roasting. There are times when you may not like a certain coffee, we understand that. But it can only depend on your taste preferences, coffee is not to blame for this. This is the way to find your taste.

We will replace your coffee without any problems if there is a packaging defect - this, unfortunately, sometimes happens.


What is specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is the one that has actually been specially selected. This is coffee that has received maximum attention at all stages of preparation. If we speak in the language of bureaucracy, this is coffee that received 80 or more points for taste and no more than 5 defects per 300 gram sample. In human terms, it is a clean, high-quality drink without negative aroma and taste characteristics, which has a sweet, balanced and complex taste. The cost of such coffee is higher than that of ordinary coffee.


When will I receive my order?

All orders placed before 5:00pm will be dispatched on the same day, except Saturday and Sunday, orders placed after 5:00pm on Fridays and weekends will be dispatched on Monday. We do our job well, and for that we also need to rest.