What's in the box?

  1. Ethiopia Gedio washed

  2. Colombia Coocentral washed

  3. Kenya Ndaroini washed

  4. Colombia anaerobic Las Delicias

  5. Mix for milk*
    Guatemala natura + Colombia natura with passion fruit fermentation

This is the first Ukrainian instant specialty coffee.

We know instant coffee has a bad reputation, but we're ready to change your mind about this product category.

We prepared our sublimated coffee from the same items of coffee beans that you can find in this online store.

We did not aim to create competition for well-known brands of instant coffee on store shelves. We did not set out to make coffee that would be inexpensive and accessible. There is also no goal to make instant coffee the daily coffee in your life. The purpose of this product is simple - to provide guaranteed quality coffee when there is a lack of time or selected beans at hand.

We don't expect you to brew it every morning, but we want you to be able to get a delicious cup of coffee anywhere. On a train, on a plane and on a hike. When in the morning you don't have time to grind coffee and brew it according to all canons. Or when there is a large company, and brewing them for everyone becomes routine for the coffee maker. When you just wanted a quick coffee. Take "Pusk", fill it with hot water or milk and feel our care for you in the aftertaste.

There are recommendations for brewing coffee on the package. But you can brew it by changing the amount and temperature of water. It all depends on your preferences. Now order "Pusk" and change your attitude to instant coffee. But remember - this is really coffee that can be brewed wherever there is hot water and a brewing container.

One package - 5 servings of coffee.

Inside the package is 3.6 g of instant coffee specialty powder in the form of a sublimation method. Ideal for preparing one portion of coffee.

PUSK is a completely safe product, as freshly roasted specialty coffee is used for its production, which we prepared in advance according to our recipe, after which moisture was removed from it by sublimation without the involvement of any preservatives, stabilizers or other foreign substances.



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