RegionNueva Oriente
Growth height1300-1600 m
A varietyPache, Bourbon, Caturra, Catuay
Processing methodDry
TasteFilter: strawberries in cream, orange, raspberry.
Espresso: cream, milk chocolate, candied fruit.

This lot comes from different farms in the Nueva Oriente region of the eastern highlands of Guatemala. Rainy and cloudy Oriente is located on a former volcanic ridge. Its soil consists of metamorphic rock: balanced in mineral content and significantly different from soils in regions that have seen volcanic activity since coffee was first planted. In this region, coffee has been grown almost exclusively by small producers since the 1950s.

After harvesting. the berries are washed and cleaned of fluorides. The most ripe and high-quality cherries are sent to the patio, where they are evenly laid out for drying, regularly mixed and calibrated.
Natural fermentation lasts about 3-4 weeks and is one of tlaglengest methods. The coffee is dried until the skin of the berries acquires a pronounced dark color, and the bean is completely separated from the dried pulp, which can be heard by the characteristic tapping of the bean in the middle of the dried shell. Drying lasts until the moisture content in the bean reaches 12%.
After drying. the berries are collected in bags so that the bean exchanges moisture.
The last stage - the bean is sent to the huller to remove all the upper layers. The finished product is packed in 69-kg jute bags with GrainPro protection and sent for export.

Guatemala Nueva Oriente

Guatemala Nueva Oriente

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