RegionNyeri County
FarmRui Ruiru
Growth height1650-1729 m
A varietySL 28, SL 34, Ruiru 11, Batian
Processing methodAnaerobic fermentation 72 hours
TasteFilter: pineapple, liqueur, mango, caramel

Rui Ruiru 2023
Nyeri County is located on the western slope of the highest mountain in the country - Mt.Kenya (5199 m). Thanks to the altitude (farms are located at an altitude of 1280 - 1970 m.a.s.l.), fertile
due to the red volcanic soil and tropical climate, coffee from Nyeri is considered one of the best in Kenya, and the entire region is called "The Champagne Region of Coffee". Despite this, for economic reasons, the coffee industry in Nyeri experienced a period of stagnation for several years of the 21st century.

Until 2014, the Rui Ruiru Processing Station, which was part of the Mathira North Cooperative, was renowned for producing high-quality coffee. But she was forced to stop working and began to decline. In 2020, through the Ministry of Agriculture and the government
In Nyeri County, representatives of Rui Ruiru Station, led by village headman Charles Maina, appealed to Crowd Farm Africa to help them revive the factory. Due to the dilapidated condition, including faulty depulpers, we agreed
help Rui Ruiru start natural coffee production, including anaerobic processing. In the first year, the station was able to resume work and collected 24,000 kg of coffee cherries. In 2021, production doubled to 60,000 kg of berries. In 2022, Rui Ruiru wants to reach more than 100,000 kg. Thanks to our support of entrepreneurs, we involved other partners in the restoration of the coffee station and managed to build two
greenhouses to help them dry the berries.

All coffee is carefully selected by hand before delivery to the collection center. Next, the berries are placed in containers for 72 hours, from which the air is completely pumped out.
Next, the coffee is dried on the patio until the skin of the berries acquires a pronounced dark color, and the grain is completely separated from the dried pulp. This will be evidenced by the characteristic tapping of the grain in the middle of the dried shell. Drying continues until
until the moisture in the grain reaches 12%.
After drying, the berries are collected in bags. At the last stage, the coffee is sent to the haller to remove all the upper layers. The finished grain is packed in jute
bags of 69 kg with GrainPro protection and sent for export.

Rui Ruiru Coffee factory now produces natural coffee, which undergoes final processing at the New Kenya Planters Cooperative Union station. As a result, many local households have begun to rehabilitate their coffee plantations, the income from which will help farmers educate their children, take care of their health and improve the infrastructure of their homes. In addition, this project is
a source of employment for thousands of those involved in the coffee value chain.



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